Spikes 5D (16 ROWS)

Spikes 5D (16 ROWS)

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Pro-Made Spikes - Vegan

Lash Bratz 5D Pro Made Spikes - 1280 lashes in total per tray.

 Create those beautiful Wispy looks at ease with our pro made 5D spikes, just add them to your sets for that dramatic Wispy look. 

Lash Bratz Tip - add spikes around 2mm longer than you're using on each set. Our Pro Made fans are created by professional lash techs, you wont get pointier bases than these bad boys.  Cut your time in half without losing any quality and be fully confident that our fans are exactly as they would be if you created them yourself as a fully professional experienced lash tech. No more spending hours creating your own fans. Super Soft matte appearance,  your clients will be 100% happy, this we can promise. 

  • Darkest Black
  • Super Soft, Superior Quality
  • Cuts treatment time = more clients = Higher income
  • All Professionally handmade, all have their own personality, not identical but offer unreal results.
  • We ensure that each fan is made using premium quality PBT materials.
  • Tiny base with minimum adhesive.